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Saturday, November 01, 2008

EDUCAUSE statement on openness

EDUCAUSE has released (October 1, 2008) a statement on openness:

A central pillar of the academic community is its commitment to the free flow of information and ideas. This commitment to sharing is essential to scholarly discovery and innovation. ...

The academic—and, by extension, social—value of unfettered intellectual exchange finds expression in technologies, applications, and approaches that foster sharing, collaboration, and open access to knowledge and resources. ... In an IT context, examples include:

  • Open standards and interoperability
  • Open and community source software development
  • Open access to research data
  • Open scholarly communications
  • Open access to, and open derivative use of, content ...

As the higher education technology association, EDUCAUSE embraces the value of openness. EDUCAUSE will work with its community and others to facilitate discussions on where open technologies, applications, and approaches are needed and how best to achieve them. EDUCAUSE will also look for opportunities, consistent with its mission and member service obligations, to support such efforts and to itself adopt open approaches. ...