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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Student op-ed on OA and serials cancellations

William K. Norton, Open Access the solution to scholarly journal costs, subscription cuts, op-ed, The Daily Nebraskan, October 14, 2008.
Scholarly publishing is in a dysfunctional state. Journal costs have risen 40 percent in the last five years. The prices have become so onerous that libraries cannot afford to maintain all the subscriptions that professors and students need. Even while cutting journals, libraries must generate more income from student fees to maintain expensive subscriptions.

[The University of Nebraska-Lincoln] Libraries spend about $5.5 million a year on serials (journals) compared to about $500,000 on monographs (books). Last year the library was forced to cut almost 3,400 serials, in order to save one million dollars. ...

This University needs to adopt a policy to require, at the very least, that faculty deposit their publications ... in an institutional repository where anyone can have access. ... The necessary pieces are already in place; without any official stance on archiving university research, UNL has established the fourth largest university repository in the nation (DigitalCommons@UNL). It is time to take the next step and embrace open access as an institution. ...