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Friday, October 17, 2008

Roundup of blog posts on OA Day, part 10

Here's a sampling of what people were writing about Open Access Day, in no particular order:

Owen Wiltshire, Open Access Day at Concordia Library, another anthro blog, October 16, 2008.
... We also spoke about self archiving repositories, as a number of teachers Iíve interviewed have expressed a desire to make their work available outside of journals, but they did not know how to go about doing so. As part of my attempts to collaborate and make my research beneficial Iíve offered to help them do this. [Olivier] Charbonneau offered some suggestions as to how to go about making sure one has permission.

Yes, it can be as easy as dropping it into a repository, but my teachers love to stress and they want to make sure they have permission first. This seems to be the stumbling block, along with time, that has prevented the people Iíve interviewed from self-archiving.

I also learned that Concordia Library will soon have its own online repository. Iím sure researchers will make more use of an academy-branded repository. Maybe having the prestige of the institution at stake will start a competition of sorts for making work available. In the meantime Iíll be investigating the various self-archiving repositories and probably use them all. Why limit your article to one?
Sridhar Gutam, Open Access Journals in Agriculture, Open Access, October 15, 2008.
... Again from the day 0f Open Access Day 14th Oct 2008, I have started my blog on open access journals in Agriculture. We the scientists here at NRCMAP are going to launch a Open Access Journal on Medicinal, Aromatic Spice and Dye Plants Agriculture and Biology. We have not yet named the journal or the society which publishes the journal but we are going to do it in this month itself. I hope that all the Open Access Activists and Organisations will support us in this endeavour and contribute articles for the upcoming journal.
Peter Sefton, Happy Open Access day, ptsefton, October 16, 2008.

Chris Rusbridge points out that at the ARROW day on Tuesday week nobody mentioned Open Access Day.

I knew it was Open Access day when I was preparing my talk, and I meant to mention it but I forgot as did everyone else, apparently. So happy Open Access day everyone. ...

Ironically, I had an approach very shortly after I posted my talk, from the publisher of a toll-access publication, asking if Iíd like to work up my talk into a paper. My first response was that yes I am interested. But maybe I should only bother with full OA publishers. ...

Eleonora PantÚ, Open Acces Day, are you aware of it?, blog.puntopanto, October 14, 2008.
... On Dschola Tv, an Italian school network web tv, we published one of videos that the promoters of the Open Access Day, made for spread their words. Unfortunately it is only in english, and no subtitles at the moment are available, letís hope they could add subtitles soon. Why open access is so important? For instance, because some students have to choose their exams, also by the costs of the booksÖ anyway, as Gramsci said, ďthe truth is always revolutionaryĒ, some students tagged scientific publication with their very expensive label costÖ in these days of financial cracks, this should have a dramatical impact! ...
Simon Fodden, Open Access Day, Slaw, October 14, 2008.
... Law is one of the areas where free and open access to data is of the highest importance to the health of a society, and fortunately for us here in Canada we have CanLII, which steadily improves in coverage and utility. Now we need law faculties to decide to make their scholarship freely available to all, in the way that Harvard has done. ...