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Thursday, October 30, 2008

On CC and collecting societies

Catherine Saez, Improbable Match: Open Licences And Collecting Societies In Europe, Intellectual Property Watch, October 28, 2008.

... French authors still cannot put their work under free licences, such as Creative Commons, for non-commercial use while being members of [French collecting society] Sacem, they said. Some European collecting societies are trying to find a compromise. ...

French authors give their exclusive rights to Sacem, including on non-commercial use. “We have discussed for years with Sacem without any luck, but our colleagues in the Netherlands and in Denmark are working with [the Dutch and Danish collecting societies] Buma Stemra and Koda to try to achieve an effective compatibility between Creative Commons and collective management,” [Mélanie Dulong of Creative Commons France] said.

In the United States, collecting societies do not have exclusive rights on the works of authors, so the compatibility problem does not arise, she added. ...

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