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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

November Cites & Insights

The November issue of Walt Crawford's Cites & Insights is now online.  This issue contains a length section on Library Access to Scholarship, covering the resurgence of PRISM-style anti-OA lobbying, the Conyers bill to overturn the NIH policy, and the short-lived attempt by the American Psychological Association to charge authors for compliance with the NIH policy.  In the second half of the section, goes back to 2006 to review some older cases of "opposition and extremes".  Excerpt:

...The enemies of open access have large budgets, are well organized, and have shown little reluctance to bend the truth or repeat discredited statements. And they donít give up.

Enemies? Isnít that a strong word? Well, what else would you call PRISM, to take one example? And what else would you call the forces behind Septemberís House hearings on the NIH policy? ...