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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

New OA database of chemicals and their physical properties

ChemSynthesis is an OA database of chemicals and their physical properties launched by Vladimir Orlov on October 1.  On the day of its launch, the Royal Society of Chemistry recognized it as the Free chemical information resource of the month.

From the ChemSynthesis about page:

There are tens if not hundreds of chemical structure databases around at the moment. Some of them, such as PubChem, ChemExper, ChemSpider, Emolecules etc., are very useful to locate compound suppliers or to find biological/physical properties. But only two databases are currently providing synthesis or synthesis references free of charge: OrgSyn and Heterocycles. These websites are very useful for organic chemists. There is only one disadvantage: the data in these databases is limited to a few journals....

We created a freely accessible database of chemicals with synthesis references that are not limited to a few journals. Along with these synthesis references our database also contains physical properties for the listed substances.

There are currently more than 40 000 compounds and more than 45 000 synthesis references in the database....

[W]e would like to build the biggest database with physical properties available on the internet free of charge....