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Saturday, October 25, 2008

French government report on the digital economy

Éric Besson, France Numérique 2012: Plan de développement de l’économie numérique [Digital France 2012: Development plan for the digital economy], government report, October 20, 2008. Besson is the French Secretary for the Development of the Digital Economy. (Thanks to Alain Pierrot.)

See also the press release, as well as the site for the plan and for the meetings undertaken in preparing the plan (all in French).

The plan appears to discuss topics such as a portal for government data, reuse of public sector information, a Francophone digital library portal, conditions on use of reproductions of public domain artwork, and a digital scientific library for higher education and research, among others.

Comment. It's a large report (81 pages, 154 points), and my French isn't very strong, so it'll take some time to pore over this, not to mention the commentary that usually accompanies a report like this. If you have any information, or come across links discussing it (in English or French), please send them to me.

Update. See also these comments by Daniel Kaplan (in French). (Thanks to Fabrizio Tinti.) Rough translation of an excerpt:

... But it's the absences that are most striking. ... The dynamics of "libre", of collective intelligence? Open innovation, so characteristic of the interesting part of what happens within "Web 2.0"? Nothing at all ...