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Thursday, October 16, 2008

First Monday podcasts on Openness 2.0

First Monday has released a 35 minute podcast on The State of Openness (October 13, 2008).  This is Part One of a five part series on Openness 2.0.  Also see the transcript.  In Part One,

Sandra Braman, Mary Case and Steve Jones breakdown the current state of Openness in policy, culture and academics.

According to an email announcement (not apparently online),

Episode Two, Openness in Developing Nations, will be released in December 2008. Episode Three, Open Science, is set for February 2009. Episode Four, Open Source, is slated for April 2009. The series culminates in May 2009 with Episode Five, Openness 2.0 Redux -- recorded in Chicago with a live audience featuring Clifford Lynch of the Coalition for Networked Information.