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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Enhancement of OA microarray database

Jeremy Hubble, et al., Implementation of GenePattern within the Stanford Microarray Database, Nucleic Acids Research, October 25, 2008. Abstract:
Hundreds of researchers across the world use the Stanford Microarray Database (SMD) to store, annotate, view, analyze and share microarray data. In addition to providing registered users at Stanford access to their own data, SMD also provides access to public data, and tools with which to analyze those data, to any public user anywhere in the world. ... [W]e have incorporated the GenePattern software package directly into SMD, providing access to many new analysis tools, as well as a plug-in architecture that allows users to directly integrate and share additional tools through SMD. ... This extension is available with the SMD source code that is fully and freely available to others under an Open Source license, enabling other groups to create a local installation of SMD with an enriched data analysis capability.