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Friday, October 31, 2008

80% of French research institute's recent publications are OA

Ifremer, Over 80% of 2005-2008 Ifremer's publications in Open Access, announcement, undated but this week. Ifremer is the Institut franšais de recherche pour l'exploitation de la mer [French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea]. (Thanks to Morgane Le Gall.)

In August 2005, Ifremer launched its institutional repository, Archimer. This repository is now [offering] more than 3700 documents available for free on the Internet [including] more than 80% of [the] international publications co-written by Ifremer since the opening of the repository.

Indeed, since August 2005, Ifremer co-published 990 articles referenced in the Web of Science«. 812 of these 990 publications are freely available in Archimer, almost 82%.

Copyright rules applied to these 990 publications can be classified as follows:

  • 31 articles were [published] by publishers who were not yet listed on the website Sherpa/Romeo ... and needed to be contacted,
  • 40 articles were [published] by publishers who forbade the registration of their publications in an Open Archive ...
  • 177 articles were [published] by publishers that allow self-archiving of their own PDF files,
  • 742 articles were published by [publishers] that limited the right of self-archiving [to] the [author's final manuscript]. The drafts of 613 of these 742 items were collected and recorded

This good result is linked to the involvement of the Ifremer library service in the operation of this archive. It is the library staff that ensures itself the preparation and registration of publications into Archimer: [Ed.: describes how library staff track, collect, and deposit publications.] ...

Comment. It's not completely clear to me, but I think the publications in question here were written by the institute staff, not institute grantees -- i.e. intramural, not extramural, researchers. (I don't know if the institute funds external researchers.) Update: Le Gall confirms that the publications are by the institutes's staff; it doesn't fund extramural researchers.

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