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Saturday, September 13, 2008

OA book series from Co-Action Publishing

Co-Action has published its second dual-edition (OA/TA) book, Gloria Gallardo's From Seascapes of Extinction to Seascapes of Confidence, showing a commitment to a series.  Its first OA/TA book appeared in May 2008.  From the press release for Gallardo's book:

...To ensure the widest possible distribution of the book to those who can best utilize its content, the author has chosen to publish the book Open Access. The electronic edition of the book is available for free and can be read, downloaded and printed out without permission as long as the author is duly cited, for any educational or academic purpose. Print copies of the book may also be purchased through the book’s website....

Publication of the book has been supported by the Centre for Sustainable Development (CSD), a joint centre between Uppsala University and SLU.