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Tuesday, September 09, 2008

New OA journal of emerging health threats

Emerging Health Threats Journal is a new peer-reviewed OA journal on emerging threats to human health. The journal is published by the Emerging Health Threats Forum. Authors retain copyright, and articles are published under the Creative Commons Attribution Licence. See the inaugural editorial:
... Open access journals have become increasingly popular, with a number of professional associations and organisations making their journal article collections either partially or fully available on the Internet. As one of our journal partners, the Wellcome Trust, notes, ‘the benefits of research are derived principally from access to research results’, and publishing in an open access journal is an effective way to achieve that access for a global audience. A number of authors and funding authorities are taking this further, arguing that ethically all biomedical research should be published open access. Although this is not the forum to have that debate, there is good evidence that open access journals do provide the approach required to get emerging health threats and potential solutions to a wide audience, many of whom may have only limited access to other biomedical journals. There is also a clear citation advantage for open access articles, which should make publishing in the journal attractive to future authors and reviewers. ...