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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

New document sharing site to launch

Twidox is a new document sharing site, scheduled to launch in September 2008. The site is currently in private beta. From the description on their blog:

Twidox is a free, user generated library of ‘quality’ documents that allows individuals and organizations to easily publish, distribute, share, and discover them.

Documents on twidox are accessible to everyone online and will allow people to share their knowledge and help others with their work, learning, teaching and research.

The focus of the website is on:

  • professional and industry specific documents
  • research material
  • academic papers and articles
  • coursework and dissertations and;
  • data and statistics

The site archives and indexes every published text and makes it searchable to other users, free of charge. ...

Twidox for Universities: We also offer Universities the chance to use our site for their Open Course Ware (OCW). OCW has proven a huge success in the United States with renowned universities such as ‘Massachusetts Institute of Technology’, ‘Harvard Law School’ and the ‘University of Notre Dame’ all sharing their learning and teaching material online.

Twidox wants to encourage more European Universities to do the same so that they can provide their staff and students the benefits of OCW, free of charge.

Twidox for non governmental organisations: Non governmental organisations (NGO’s) collect a huge amount of valuable and essential research data and ‘facts & figures’. twidox wants to provide NGO’s with an open platform to publish these documents to an even wider community.

Most NGO’s operate stand-alone websites which means that documents only get read by a dedicated audience. We want to provide our platform and technology to NGO’s to provide them with an even wider audience and to allow their staff and audience to benefit from twidox’s innovative technology, free of charge.