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Thursday, September 11, 2008

More on the NeuroCommons

Donna Wentworth, Toward a global platform for open science, Science Commons blog, September 8, 2008.

Watching the new video about the NeuroCommons project, I was struck by how many different elements are necessary for making knowledge from one domain in science interoperable — or “remixable” — with knowledge from another. ...

The past ten years have brought the rise of a robust infrastructure for sharing and remixing cultural content, and thanks to the emergence of innovative tools like Google Maps, more people are grasping the power of open systems for connecting information from disparate sources to make it more useful. Yet we remain in the early stages of building an open infrastructure for science that would make it easy to integrate and make sense of research and data from different sources.

The NeuroCommons is our effort to jumpstart the process, with the goal of making all scientific research materials — research articles, annotations, data, physical materials — as available and as useable as they can be. ...

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