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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Launch of Bergen Open Access Publishing

The University of Bergen has launched Bergen Open Access Publishing (BOAP), a new service to publish OA journals, publish OA monographs, and facilitate OA archiving for several Bergen-area research institutions.  It starts life with a list of three OA journals.  Read the BOAP home page in Norwegian or Google's English.  (Thanks to the OpenAccess.No wiki.)

Update (9/16/08).  Here's some additional information from Jan Erik Frantsvåg, by email.  (Thanks Jan Erik.)

At a later stage institutions from all of Norway might be included. The Bergen University Library will host the technical infrastructure and make technical support available. It is our hope that this will lower the threshold for journals/editors contemplating starting new OA journals or transitioning existing ones to OA. As technical infrastructure costs money, even with open source software, we see it as imperative that we cooperate, having only a small handful of OJS installations but making them available for all interested parties. It is the setting up of infrastructure that costs, whether 1 or 100 journals utilize it doesn't really affect costs much - so sharing is the only policy that makes sense.

Currently, we know of 3 OJS installations in Norway:

  • University of Oslo, with 1 journal, Acta Didactica Norge
  • BOAP (Bergen) with 3 journals
  • University of Tromsø, with 2 journals (and 2 more coming, we're just waiting for an upgrade)

Both Bergen and Tromsø are actively looking for more journals to "fill" their OJS installations.