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Monday, September 01, 2008

Introducing OA to Hungarian physicians

E. Juhász, E. Kührner, and L. Vasas, [The medical relations of open access initiative], Orvosi Hetilap, September 1, 2008.  The article is in Hungarian, but PubMed has posted an English-language abstract:

The main condition of successful medical attendance and development of medical research is the use of scientific literature. The aim of our article is to briefly introduce the medical open access publishers and to call attention to the publishing possibilities. Hereby we want to incite Hungarian doctors to publish in these types of journals. Our internet research shows that since the millennium the number of open access publications has dynamically increased. A very promising fact is that most of the medical open access journals have high impact factor that guarantee high professional level. We hope that by the effect of our research more Hungarian doctors will publish in this way.