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Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blog notes on repository workshop

Ian Stuart, Understanding Organisational Cultures, the workshop, The thoughts of a Code Gorilla, September 10, 2008. Blog notes on Understanding Organisational Cultures: Impact on Repository Growth and Development (Cranfield, England, September 9, 2008).

... We started with two talks: one from Dr Colin Macduff (Robert Gordon Uni.) talking about his experience in submitting his eThesis, and how it changed the way he approached the whole thesis; and a second from Dr Bruce Jefferson (Cranfield Uni) taking the role of the sceptic, and pointing out all the things that he wants, and why repositories are not helping him.

We also had a quick overview of the national picture from Neil Jacobs, and three talks on ways to make changes, or recognising the opportunities for change to happen: Michael White (Stirling Uni); John Harrington (Cranfield); William Nixon (Uni of Glasgow).

What was particularly gratifying to see was that three of the six speakers were from Scottish Universities - are we ahead of the curve in this field? ...