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Monday, September 01, 2008

Another TA editorial on OA

Philip A. Schwartzkroin and Simon D. Shorvon, Public (open) access policy, Epilepsia, August 2008.  An editorial.  Not even an abstract is free online, at least so farEpilepsia is published by Wiley.

Update.  I've now seen the text.  The editorial announces that Epilepsia and Wiley-Blackwell will post papers by NIH-funded authors directly in PubMed Central, immediately upon acceptance, and allow OA release after a 12 month embargo.  It also explains that the PMC version is peer -reviewed but not copy-edited, and that the journal makes the copy-edited version freely available at its own web site after the same 12 month embargo.  The Wellcome Trust requires OA within six months, which is apparently too short for Epilepsia and Wiley.  Wellcome-funded authors must pay Epilepsia a $3,000 fee if they want to publish in the journal and comply with their prior funding agreement.  If they do pay the fee, however, the paper is made OA immediately upon publication.