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Friday, August 15, 2008

Update to Repository 66 service

Stuart Lewis, Repository mashup map software update, Stuart Lewis’ Blog, August 12, 2008. (Thanks to Charles Bailey.)

The Repository Mashup Map has just undergone a bit of a software upgrade. Here are some details:

  • ... The code has now been tidied up and rationalised, which will hopefully make it faster and more efficient ...
  • Extra filter: You can now filter on the country where the repository is located, as well as the software platform it runs on, and the date it was created.
  • Auto-zooming: When you select a filter (e.g. “Show me all DSpace repositories in the UK”) the map will automatically zoom to show just the area covered by the repositories (in this case, just the UK).
  • Auto-filtering: When you select a filter (e.g. “Show me repositories in Austria”) the maps update on their own, without you having to press the filter button.

To make my life easier, I also now have a development copy of the maps where I can test upgrades. The URL for this is ...