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Saturday, August 30, 2008

New social networking and research management site

Indiana U researchers launch social networking and research management tool for scientists, press release, August 27, 2008. (Thanks to ResourceShelf.)
Indiana University researchers have introduced Laboratree, a web-based solution to the complex problems of scientific collaboration. ...

In addition to professional social networking, collaborators can upload documents to Laboratree, where colleagues can view, download, edit, and manage research papers and data. Colleagues will have access to all versions of a document, tracking edits made, while an intuitive check-in, check-out system eliminates conflicting changes.

Laboratree implements the recently developed OpenSocial platform ... Using OpenSocial means software applications and tools by others can be plugged in to Laboratree, freely exchanged between social networks that have incorporated the new platform. ...
Update. See also this story from iTnews Australia.