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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"A National Research Park system for ideas"

John Wilbanks, Meme testing, John Wilbanks' blog, August 11, 2008.  Excerpt:

Back in the office today after two weeks, thousands of miles, and what feels like at least 50 national forests driven through....Everywhere you go in the West, you drive across a national forest. 8.5% of the land in the United States is part of the National Forest system.

As I was driving through the Wasatch-Cache Forest at night, it struck me that the vision required to start the protection of lands in 1891 was the kind of vision we need now in intellectual property. If nearly 10% of this country’s physical property can be reserved as a commons – which is so much harder to provide dual-use, public and private – why not for IP?

In other words, we have battles over who gets to use national lands. Drilling in the ANWR is a good example here. But there is such less conflict between dual-use options in non-rivalrous property, we should absolutely be able to pull off a National Research Park system for ideas…

I’m going to be playing with this meme for a while. Comments and suggestions welcome, either here or in email....