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Monday, August 25, 2008

Interview with DOAJ staff

Tom Hill, An interview with DOAJ, Libertas Academica blog, August 21, 2008.
... [Q:] What developments can we expect to see in the future?

[A:] We’d like to have tools to measure impact factors. We’d also like to provide long-term preservation.

[Q:] What will DOAJ be like in five years?

[A:] Difficult to say but bigger of course. ... [A] wish: that all journals should provide us with their content, so that all journals are searchable on an article level.

[Q:] How many people work on DOAJ? What do they do?

[A:] We have 3 librarians and one technician/system developer, but we share him with the rest of the head office.

Many might think that we “only” add journals to DOAJ but far from that. We receive a lot of feedback and we are very dependent on it for things like broken links to URLs. Also we get a lot of technical questions ...

We publish a newsletter for sponsors and members and we also evaluate journals suggested to DOAJ and contact the editors. Then often follows a long communication about our criteria, which is not always clear to all editors. We communicate in English, but it is not always the first or second language for an editor. ...

Part of our time we check that the already-added journals still live up to our criteria. ...

We assist editors in formulating information correctly ... Many people wanting to start an open access journal are not always confident about how to do it, for example that an ISSN is needed. ...