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Thursday, August 07, 2008

OA cell signaling journal adds society sponsorship

Cell Communication & Signaling, an OA journal published by BioMed Central, has been adopted as the official journal of the Signal Transduction Society, according to a blog post August 6 by BMC. See the journal's editorial on the move:
The Signal Transduction Society (STS) is delighted to join BioMed Central with an open access journal. Over the last years, our society members have increasingly appreciated that access to scientific information generated by publicly funded academic research must not be restricted by commercial interests. With overwhelming support of the society members, the presidial council and advisory board of the STS are therefore now taking action and moving from an access-restricted print journal to online open access publishing.

We are convinced that unduly limiting the flow of scientific knowledge has a negative impact on the development of benefits for mankind and believe that BioMed Central is a highly valuable platform that is vital not only to scientists but to society in general and hence deserves our strong support. ...
Update. This post was corrected, per Matthew Cockerill, to clarify that the journal was previously OA and published by BMC; the news here is the society's adoption.