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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Best practices for versioning in repositories

Jenny Brace, Versioning in Repositories: Implementing Best Practice, Ariadne, July 2008.
... In the survey that [the Version Identification Framework Project] carried out in autumn of 2007, only 5% of academics and 6.5% of information professionals surveyed found it easy to identify versions of digital objects within institutional repositories. Across multiple repositories the figures were only 1.8% of academics and 1.1% of information professionals. Moreover, a third of information professionals who work with repositories stated that they either have no system currently in place or ‘don’t know’ how they deal with versioning at present. ...

For example, one researcher may need to find the published version in order to give an accurate citation, whilst another would like to view an earlier version of the same work in order to assess the development in the thought of the author or content creator. ... [H]ow can any of these researchers know that they have found the relevant, or appropriate item? How can the end-users trust the information or indeed the repository itself? ...