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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Best practices for access to images

Best Practices for Access to Images: Recommendations for Scholarly Use and Publishing, a draft version of the recommendations from Scholarly Publishing and the Issues of Cultural Heritage, Fair Use, reproduction fees and Copyrights (Berlin, January 11, 2008). Posted by André Gunthert on August 22, 2008 on Actualités de la Recherche en histoire visuelle.

... Scholars in the humanities, especially those concerned with images, face a bewildering array of restrictions. A confusing patchwork of policies regarding access to images, image reproduction, and cultural heritage citation is hindering new research and publication in the humanities.

For a variety of reasons, many museums, libraries, and image repositories restrict access to digital image collections. ...

To promote creative scholarship in the humanities and to foster a deeper understanding of cultural heritage, curators and scholars must work together in new ways. Put simply, what’s needed is a policy of open access to visual sources not covered by copyright. ...


  1. To clarify terms of copyright, intellectual property, and physical ownership rights concerning objects in the public domain
  2. To provide assistance to scholars negotiating access with cultural heritage repositories
  3. To explain scholars’ needs to museums, libraries, and other repositories
  4. To explore how institutions may allow scholars greater access to images
  5. To establish practices that enable institutions, scholars, and publishers to form mutually beneficial relationships ...