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Friday, August 08, 2008

AAUP names new president

Alex Holtzman is the new president of the American Association of University Presses (AAUP), the successor to Sanford Thatcher.  From today's announcement from the AAUP:

...In his inaugural speech to AAUP members in Montreal, Holzman addressed one of the major concerns facing academic scholarly publishers, the debate over open-access publishing. "What we need here - and what I'm happy to say is beginning to show some signs of happening in various quarters - is for the moderates to take back the discussion," he said. "The Ithaka report was right - university presses are first and foremost units of the university and we must work with others in the university to solve our problems. When I see the various experiments presses are trying with open access, often jointly with their libraries, when I see more administrators grasping the fact that abandoning all restrictions on intellectual property can be a double-edged sword for the university, well, then I truly believe at least some optimism is justified."

Comment:  I don't know of any university presses which experimented with "abandoning all restrictions on intellectual property" and I don't know of any OA advocates who recommended it (for books or journals as opposed to data).