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Saturday, August 09, 2008

7 OA repositories compared

Francis Deblauwe, OA Academia in Repose,, August 7, 2008. Compares arXiv, arXiv Math, CERN Document Server, CDL eScholarship Repository, Connexions, Directory of Open Access Journals, Dspace@Cambridge, and the Trance Project.
I looked for the number of full-text OA documents and the like available in the repositories, and the date for the numbers in question. ... The repositories' slope, a measure of how fast they have grown on average over their lifespan, is plotted against the start dates ...
Update. See also the comments by Stevan Harnad:
Summary: Re: Deblauwe, F. (2008) OA Academia in Repose: Seven Academic Open-Access Repositories Compared: A useful way to benchmark OA progress would be to focus on OA's target content -- peer-reviewed scientific and scholarly journal articles -- and to indicate, year by year, the proportion of the total annual output of the content-providers, rather than just absolute annual deposit totals. The OA content-providers are universities and research institutions. The denominator for all measures should be the number of articles the institution publishes in a given year, and the numerator should be the number of articles published in that year (full-texts) that are deposited in that institution's Institutional Repository (IR). (If an institution does not know its own annual published articles output -- as is likely, since such record-keeping is one of the many functions that the OA IRs are meant to perform -- an estimate can be derived from the Institute of Scientific Information's (ISI's) annual data for that institution.)