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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

UK contest for creative uses of OA public sector info

What would you create with public information?  A contest from the UK government.  (Thanks to Glyn Moody and Richard King.)  Excerpt:

Ever been frustrated that you can't find out something that ought to be easy to find? ...Do you think that better use of public information could improve health, education, justice or society at large? ...

The UK Government wants to hear your ideas for new products that could improve the way public information is communicated. The Power of Information Taskforce is running a competition on the Government's behalf, and we have a 20,000 prize fund to develop the best ideas to the next level. You can see the type of thing we are are looking for here

To show they are serious, the Government is making available gigabytes of new or previously invisible public information especially for people to use in this competition.  Rest assured, this competition does not include personal information about people.

We're confident that you'll have more and better ideas than we ever will....

Go on, Show Us A Better Way.