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Thursday, July 31, 2008

SPARC releases "teaser cards" with pro-OA messages

SPARC has released a set of teaser cards as part of its student-oriented The Right to Research campaign. From the description:
Eye-catching and inexpensive to distribute, our new Open Access teaser cards are designed to grab student attention where they roam. Order copies or print your own, tear apart, and place this guerrilla piece strategically around campus - in library carrels, around the coffee shop, or around the department. ...
The teaser cards are 2" x 2" each and come in sets of 6. The six messages are:
  • Access to scholarly journals can cost as much as a car, every year. Your library can't afford it.
  • The article you couldn't read might have earned your paper an A+. But you'll never know.
  • While researching the newest cancer treatments for a family member, you can't get past the abstracts.
  • Your research will continue after graduation -- the same time your library card expires.
  • Our taxes funded the research you need. But you can't read it.
  • The journal you need right now is at the library -- 100 miles away.
On the reverse side, each card includes the message You don't have access, with the URL of The Right to Research Web site. Professionally printed sets of the card are available for purchase from the SPARC site.

Disclosure: I am a paid consultant for SPARC, including work on The Right to Research campaign.