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Saturday, July 19, 2008

The rise of (TA) online ejournals

Norm Medeiros, Access Revolution: The Birth, Growth, and Supremacy of Electronic Journals as an Information Medium, the author version, in Wayne Jones (ed.) E-Journals Access and Management, Routledge 2008, chapter 12, pp. 187-199.

Abstract:   The tremendous growth of e-journals in the marketplace has forced libraries to rethink their means of providing access to these coveted resources. Over the past 20 years, methods to connect users to e-journals have taken different shapes, fluctuating among a plethora of theories, ideologies, and technologies. This chapter attempts to synthesize the methods employed by academic libraries during this period to provide seamless e-journal access to users.

PS:  The article focuses on priced online access and has a brief overview of OA in the final paragraph.