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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Retroactive OA to Nobel-winning science

Open Access to Nobel Prize awarded work – a pilot project, an announcement from Sweden's  Also see the less formal presentation of the idea.  (Thanks to Jan Hagerlid.)  Excerpt from the former:

Project co-ordinator: Jörgen Eriksson, Lund University Libraries...

Grant from the National Library of Sweden and the Swedish Knowledge Foundation: 620 000 SEK

Final report: 2009-08-31

The pilot project involves the creation of a work-flow and a method for the achievement of  free and open access to key publications of Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry and physiology or medicine at The pilot project will investigate publisher and copyright issues, accessibility to materials from different time periods, etc. Three Nobel Laureates from each Nobel Prize category and from each of three identified time periods will be selected to be included in the pilot project.

The pilot project will not only result in free, world-wide access to some of the 20th century’s key scientific publications, but will also draw further attention to Open Access as an alternative way of publishing.

After the pilot project a project plan will be developed for a full scale Open Access project, including key publications of all Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry and physiology or medicine....

Lund University Libraries’ head office has experience in working with Open Access publishing, in running an institutional repository and in developing and maintaining library internet services. The library is furthermore in possession of  large literature collections whereof  much older material will be readily available for digitization, an area where the library already has experience and equipment.

The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Nobel Assembly at Karolinska Institutet, respectively, who manage the nomination- and selection processes of the Nobel Laureates in physics, chemistry and physiology or medicine, will secure the quality of the selection of key publications.