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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

OA for liberal arts colleges

David Green and Michael Roy, Things to Do While Waiting for the Future to Happen: Building Cyberinfrastructure for the Liberal Arts, Educause Review, July/August 2008. Excerpt:

...In lieu of a grand conclusion, we would like to revisit the eight recommendations published in Our Cultural Commonwealth [American Council for Learned Societies, 2006] and add our own suggestions for steps that liberal arts colleges might take to work toward those goals....

[2] Develop public and institutional policies that foster openness and access. Open access and revised approaches to intellectual property are key components in this effort, since scholars need to have as complete a library as possible of primary and secondary materials in digital form. Liberal arts colleges can track the work of the Create Change educational initiative and follow its recommendations about changing the campus culture to promote open access publishing, although the problem of tenure remains vexing. Colleges can also promote conversations about copyright and fair use that will improve access to the twentieth- and twenty-first-century cultural materials that many humanists and social scientists need to carry out their scholarly and teaching work....