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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

NPG's conditions for IR deposits are met

Stevan Harnad, Batch Deposits in Institutional Repositories (the SWORD protocol), Open Access Archivangelism, July 9, 2008.  Excerpt:

In the context of Nature's just-announced offer to do proxy deposits for its authors, Peter Suber has asked Les Carr of EPrints to comment on whether the software has the capability of downloading and uploading deposits automatically, in batch mode, rather than just singly, with the keystrokes done by hand.

Les Carr's reply is affirmative:

"Both EPrints and DSpace allow batch uploads, but more to the point, both of them support the new SWORD [Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit] protocol for making automatic deposits in repositories. We (the SWORD developers) very much hope that we will be able to work with established discipline [i.e., central] repositories to allow automatic feed through of deposits from Institutional Repositories into Discipline Repositories and vice versa."

Comment.  Here's a little more of the context.  The Nature Publishing Group (NPG) is willing to deposit peer-reviewed manuscripts from NPG journals in institutional repositories, at least for authors bound by institutional OA mandates.  But it "will need institutional repositories to accept automated deposits by publishers on behalf of authors, preferably using a similar batch upload service to that offered by PubMed Central...."  Now we know that EPrints and DSpace support batch uploads --and of course if they do, then the vast majority of IRs around the world do so as well.  Good news.  The ball is in NPG's court.