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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Notes on RepoCamp

Rachel Bruce has blogged some notes on the Library of Congress Repository Camp (Washington, D.C., July 25, 2008).  Excerpt:

Yesterday at the Library of Congress RepoCamp (that is repository camp) took place. The event was organised by the JISC Common Repository Interface Group (CRIG) and the supporting work led by WoCRIG (wisdom of CRIG). Some prize money was contributed by Microsoft for a developer competition.

The list of attendees at RepoCamp was pretty impressive. The majority were technical developers and some gave pitches on particular solutions and technologies that help repository interoperability; attendees at the Camp reviewed these pitches and gave feedback on the ideas. There was also an opportunity for everyone at RepoCamp to pitch prototypes and then to start to develop ideas together. A competition is being held where prizes are being given to motivate developers to develop prototypes. There is a particular focus on using OAI-ORE in ways that bring OAI-ORE functionality into user facing applications.... 

Prior to RepoCamp some developers from the UK have held a CRIG Roadshow in the US. The Roadshow has been focused on interoperability between repositories and eLearning (VLEs), eScience and eAdministration/Library systems. This has been a good way to bring UK and US developers together. After all these issues are global and not something to be dealt with solely within national boundaries.

The approach to WoCRIG has been a way to get technical developers talking and working together to review and develop specifications and solutions. The JISC vision (shared by many others worldwide) of a layer of scholarly content on the web, in part, underpinned by repositories is a challenging one and one way to help achieve this is by getting developers to define problem spaces in repository interoperability based on use cases and to undertake rapid prototyping and testing....