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Thursday, July 24, 2008

New physics journal from APS is free for now

Physics is a new journal from the American Physical Society.  The inaugural issue (July 2008) is now online. 

Physics won't publish original research articles, but short pieces to highlight, explain, and discuss important articles published in other APS journals.

The articles in the inaugural issue are free online, but the site is as silent on OA as it is on subscription costs.  The articles use all-rights-reserved copyright statements.

Comment.  I try not to blog articles and journals which are only free for an initial trial period.  But I can't yet classify Physics because it doesn't reveal enough about its plans.  On the theory that "free" is an attraction worth mentioning, I suspect that Physics is only free for an initial trial period.  But I really don't know.  If anyone knows more, please drop me a line.

Update (9/23/08). Also see the APS press release. It doesn't answer the question in my comment, but it does say that the journal has been in beta since July. Apparently it's now out of beta.