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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

New prices for Elsevier hybrid journals reflect rate of author uptake

Charles Bailey, Elsevier Says Its 2009 Journal Price Increases Average Six Percent or Less, DigitalKoans, July 8, 2008.

Elsevier has made public a letter to librarians stating that it is targeting "a global average list price increase of not more than six percent" for its journals in 2009. It notes that "the 2008 average list price increase across all STM publishers was 8.70% in Europe and 10.10% in the U.S."

Elsevier is taking author publication fees into account for pricing a subset of its journals: "For individual journals, we are realigning prices to reflect a number of factors, including differences in the number of articles made available, quality, and usage, as well as new factors such as Sponsored Articles." (The Sponsored Articles program allows authors publishing articles in over 40 journals to pay a $3,000 fee to make them open access.) ...