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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

GoogleMaps extension to OpenDOAR

SHERPA has launched a Google Maps extension to OpenDOAR.  From today's announcement:

...Just run any search of the directory, and then change the output format from "Summaries" to "Google Map".

Here are a few examples:

  1. Repositories in Japan
  2. Repositories with Spanish language material
  3. United States repositories holding theses & dissertations
  4. Keyword search for "Nottingham" 
  5. Repositories using CONTENTdm software

If you click on one of the place markers, a bubble will pop up listing the repositories at that location with links to the repositories themselves and their institutions' home pages. For performance reasons, the amount of information in the bubbles is limited, but bearing this in mind, we would be like to know what data you would like to see there....

This development was inspired by Stuart Lewis's Repository66 demonstrator, which mashes up OpenDOAR and ROAR data.

Comment.  Just two days ago, the DOAJ added a page of statistics by country.  Now it's easier than ever to track the spread of OA journals by country and the spread of OA repositories by country.