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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Depositing chemical data in OA institutional repositories

J. Downing, Peter Murray-Rust, and six co-authors, SPECTRa: The Deposition and Validation of Primary Chemistry Research Data in Digital Repositories, Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling, July 29, 2008.  The July 29 issue of the journal isn't online yet, so I'm linking to the abstract at PubMed:

Abstract:  The SPECTRa (Submission, Preservation and Exposure of Chemistry Teaching and Research Data) project has investigated the practices of chemists in archiving and disseminating primary chemical data from academic research laboratories. To redress the loss of the large amount of data never archived or disseminated, we have developed software for data publication into departmental and institutional Open Access digital repositories (DSpace). Data adhering to standard formats in selected disciplines (crystallography, NMR, computational chemistry) is transformed to XML (CML, Chemical Markup Language) which provides added validation. Context-specific chemical metadata and persistent Handle identifiers are added to enable long-term data reuse. It was found essential to provide an embargo mechanism, and policies for operating this and other processes are presented.