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Monday, July 21, 2008

Debating the OASPA membership rules

Gunther Eysenbach, Creating an organization for open access publishers - but should we let big publishers dominate?  Gunther Eysenbach's Random Research Rants, July 15, 2008.  (Thanks to Charles Bailey.)  Excerpt:

Dave Solomon has published a draft of possible By-laws for the proposed Open Access Scholarly Publishers Association (OASPA)....

My personal interest in being possibly one of the founding members of this organization (which also may include BioMed Central, Copernicus, Co?Action Publishing, Hindawi, Medical Education Online, Journal of Medical Internet Research, PLoS, and presumably others) is the recognition that some sort of organization is needed to set, promote and enforce professional and ethical standards and OA publishing practices....

But it is important that such an organization is set up and run not to primarily defend the commercial interests of large commercial publishers, but to act as much as possible in the interest of scholarly communication (these are not mutually exclusive goals - but they are not always aligned....)

More specifically, [OASPA is] contemplating the following rules:

Each publisher gets one voting member and an additional voting member for every additional 250 OA manuscripts published in the previous calendar year up to a maximum of 10.

In other words, this will ensure that large publishers have 10 times more votes than small publishers....

Also see Dave Solomon's response to Gunther's concern, and Gunther's reply.

PS:  See my own comments on the draft OASPA bylaws.