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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Charles Bailey's retrospective of online publishing

Charles Bailey has posted a look back at his 19 years of Internet digital publishing. The description from his blog post:

In 1989, the Internet was much more fragmented than it is today, and the primary information access tools were e-mail, FTP, mailing lists, and Usenet newsgroups. ...

In June 1989, I began my scholarly digital publishing efforts, launching one of the first e-journals on the Internet, The Public-Access Computer Systems Review: a journal that, if it has been published today, would be called an "open access journal," since it was freely available, allowed authors to retain their copyrights, and had special copyright provisions for noncommercial use.

Nineteen years later, I've published a variety of other freely available digital works, including DigitalKoans, 72 versions of the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography, and the Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog.

"A Look Back at Nineteen Years as an Internet Digital Publisher" provides a chronology of the highlights of my digital publishing efforts, updated use statistics for them, and a brief bibliography of articles about them.