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Friday, July 04, 2008

Case study of the OA Journal of Maps

Mike J. Smith, Open Access Journal Publication: Implementation, Copyright and Dissemination, Using the Journal of Maps as a Case Study, forthcoming in the proceedings from Digital Mapping Techniques '07, Columbia, South Carolina, May 20-23, 2007.  Excerpt:

...This article explores the broad implementation of OA journals, issues pertaining to copyright and the distribution of (geospatial) research data....

The Journal of Maps was established against the backdrop of a perceived decline in the publication of research based maps. With the movement of print published journals towards a standardised A4 copy format, large maps are not easily publishable. The inclusion of “inserts” (folded or stitched) into journals appears to have declined over the last century and, with the high cost of colour printing, there is an apparent decline in research map publication. Maps are also rarely seen as a research goal in their own right, with the focus of journal publication often upon the communication of research results. JoM was therefore founded as a charity with the specific remit of publishing research maps....