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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Canada's NRC adopts an OA mandate

Richard Akerman, Mandatory IR deposit as of 2009 for National Research Council Canada, Science Library Pad, July 15, 2008. 

From an internal email (with permission)

[The NRC Senior Executive Committee] SEC has established a policy making it mandatory, starting in January 2009, for NRC institutes to deposit copies of all peer-reviewed publications (articles, proceedings, books, book chapters) and technical reports in [the forthcoming NRC Institutional Repository, to be called] NPArC. The SEC has also approved an update to NRC Form 22 Licence to Publish (Crown Copyright) that will explicitly state NRC’s intention to deposit these publications in NPArC.

As this blog is by no means an official source of information about my organisation [NRC], if you have any questions I ask that you go through regular NRC or CISTI communications channels [NRC Newsroom and NRC Mediaroom].

Comment.  Thanks to the Richard for posting the news and kudos to all involved at the NRC.  Neither the NRC Newsroom nor NRC Mediaroom has any details yet, but I'll post more as I learn more.