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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Blog notes on EuroScience Open Forum

Cameron Neylon has blog notes on a satellite meeting of the EuroScience Open Forum (Barcelona, July 18-22, 2008): Update. See also the blog notes by Peter Murray-Rust.

Update. See also the reflections by Neylon:
... There is a real sense that the ideas of Open Access and Open Data are becoming mainstream. As several speakers commented, within 12-18 months it will be very unusual for any leading institution not to have a policy on Open Access to its published literature. In many ways as far as Open Access to the published literature is concerned the war has been won. ...

Open Data remains further behind, both with respect to policy and awareness. Many people spoke over the two days about Open Access and then added, almost as an addendum ‘Oh and we need to think about data as well’. ... [T]here is still much advocacy work to be done here. John Wilbanks talked about the need to set achievable goals, lines in the sand which no-one can argue with. And the easiest of these is one that we have discussed many times. All data associated with a published paper, all analysis, and all processing procedures, should be made available. This is very difficult to argue with ... [T]his is a very useful marker, and a meme that we can spread and promote. ...

[The] key questions to me revolve around how we can convert aspirations into community norms. What is needed in terms of infrastructure, in terms of incentives, and in terms of funding to make this stuff happen? ...

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