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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Berlin survey on OA and OA journals

Karin Weishaupt, Der freie Zugang zum Wissen: auf dem Weg, aber noch nicht am Ziel! Institut Arbeit und Technik, August 2008.  (Thanks to Christine Kant.)  Preliminary results from a survey of author attitudes toward OA journals.  Because the file is a PDF, I can't link to a machine translation.

Weishaupt highlights four conclusions (my paraphrase, not a translation):

  • OA could be implemented much more broadly than it has been to date.
  • OA journals benefit everyone, not just the author.
  • Not all the alleged disadvantages of OA journals turn out, on analysis, to be disadvantages at all.
  • Universities and other research institutions could be doing much more to promote OA.

Weishaupt surveyed about 1,000 researchers at Humboldt University Berlin in May and June 2008.