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Friday, June 13, 2008

Update of EThOS ETD toolkit released

The EThOSnet Project released an update to its EThOS toolkit on June 6. (Thanks to Charles Bailey.)

In addition to full details of how your institution can participate, the interactive Toolkit provides practical information on how theses can be produced by students at your Institution so they can be accessed via EThOS and from your Institutional Repository. Accessed from its new location the toolkit provides guidance on:

  • Putting forward the case for the importance of electronic theses (Culture Change)
  • Outlining the business case including information on which participation options suit (Business Needs)
  • Clear standards provided on technical requirements (Technical Requirements)
  • Practical materials and templates to be used for authors and supervisors in contributing to EThOS (Training and Guidance)
See also previous OAN coverage of the earlier version of the toolkit.

Update (7/1/08). Also see JISC's press release encouraging universities to familiarize themselves with the toolkit.