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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Study of author attitudes on OA and self-archiving at UCM

Manuela Palafox and Antonio Moreno, Encuesta sobre publicación científica y auto-archivo: Resumen de los resultados de la encuesta de opinión, realizada en la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, working paper, November 14, 2007. (Thanks to Carolina De Volder.) In Spanish. Translated excerpt:
During the months of April and May 2007, the library of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid posted on its Web site a survey directed at the university's instructors and researchers. The purpose of this survey was to learn the experiences and attitudes of instruction and research staff in relation to the OA movement, to learn their habits regarding preservation and diffusion in digital format of their articles and other works, and their preferences for self-archiving in institutional vs. disciplinary repositories. ...
Comment. This is a bit old, but better late than never. Any mistakes in translation are mine.