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Friday, June 06, 2008

OA mandates as an opportunity for libraries

Geneva Henry, Open Access Mandates: Opportunities for DLF Institutions, a presentation at the Digital Library Federation (DLF) Spring Forum 2008 (Minneapolis, April 28-30, 2008).  Only the abstract is online, at least so far.

Recent actions by the NIH and Harvard mandating open access of faculty publications have created a window of opportunity for aggressively promoting the institutional repositories on our campuses. As we work with faculty to educate them on open access and about our repositories, libraries are developing or publicizing guidelines and services to facilitate self-archiving and ensure that faculty meet emerging mandates. Discussion on listservs around these issues has been lively over the past couple of months and faculty are now very interested in the topic. Given the opportune timing, are we leveraging it to the best of our abilities? Success in this area will be realized with as many research institutions as possible adopting open access mandates for faculty publications. DLF institutions are among the top research universities that can lead this movement and bring others along with them to adopt open access self-archiving of research publications. This discussion session is intended to explore ways in which resources and activities can be shared and coordinated among DLF libraries to create favorable environments to promote self-archiving. What information can we give our faculty and administration to help them advocate an open access mandate through their faculty governance bodies? What are we learning from them as we move forward to help meet existing mandates? How do we leverage the NIH mandate to a campus-wide mandate? What has been working and what hasn't? By sharing information and ideas, DLF institutions can make a positive and powerful impact. Bring your thoughts for discussion.