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Thursday, June 26, 2008

OA mandate at the Stanford School of Ed

Today John Willinsky announced at ElPub 2008 (Toronto, June 25-27, 2008) that the Stanford School of Education has adopted an OA mandate.  (Thanks to Stevan Harnad.) 

I'll post details when I have them.

UpdateFrom Les Carr (June 26), who is live blogging the ElPub conference:

I listened to John Willinsky give an inspirational keynote at ELPub 2008 this morning. He banged the drum for Open Access and announced an OA mandate for the Stanford School of Education. According to the story, he was describing the Harvard mandate to his colleagues in a meeting and they instantly voted to adopt a similar mandate themselves. Way to go!

Update.  Here's the video of Willinsky making the announcement in Toronto on June 26.  (Thanks to Bill Mann.)  His talk starts at minute 24:45 and the policy announcement starts at minute 33:25.  New detail:  the Stanford policy was approved by a unanimous faculty vote, like the Harvard FAS and Law School policies.