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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

OA advocate Collins resigns from genome institute

Francis Collins, National Human Genome Research Institute director and leader of the Human Genome Project, announced on May 28 he would resign as director of the institute.

Collins is notable to OA advocates because the Human Genome Project was an early, prominent provider of OA to its data. Collins also defended the National Institutes of Health's OA PubChem database against criticisms from competing TA databases.

He didn't provide a specific reason for his resignation. Collins, 58, has said he'd like to write a book on personalized medicine, and left the door open to future jobs. Bob Grant, blogging at The Scientist, speculates that Collins could be in the consideration for NIH director should the position become available (i.e., if current director Elias Zerhouni resigns or if the U.S.'s new president decides to make a different appointment). Jonathan Eisen blogs,
... [M]y guess is he is being recruited by one of the presidential candidates to be some sort of advisor. ...
For more background, see Collins' bio at Wikipedia or the NHGRI. See stories on the resignation from Bloomberg, Scientific American, the Associated Press, or the Washington Post. See also these past OAN stories mentioning Collins: