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Sunday, June 15, 2008

New archive of dinosaur papers

The Theropod Archives is a collection of papers and citations (where no OA version is available) of articles about theropods. The site launched on May 29, 2008. (Thanks to Brian Switek and Judy Breck.)

Comment. One common argument dismissing OA is that few outside of academia have any interest in reading academic papers. It's interesting to note, then, that this collection of papers -- meticulously assembled and cited -- was prepared not by professional researchers, but by an amateur. I don't know whether this site would be valuable to a professional researcher, but it would clearly be a good starting place for an interested amateur, and access to these articles has clearly been meaningful to the archivist. As I've argued previously, that OA facilitates personal enrichment and lifelong learning is an argument in its favor -- especially at a time when scientific literacy is at a social premium.